Establishing global partners is a key to the Oncofertility Consortium’s continued success. The Consortium works with reproductive specialists from all over the world, including Brazil, Japan, Korea, and Portugal, in an effort to better serve children, adolescents and young adults with cancer and other fertility-threatening diseases. Global collaborations not only shed new light on fertility threatening conditions in other countries, but also gives our network insight in dealing with broad cultural issues. It is this interdisciplinary, multicultural and multi-lingual dialogue the Consortium thrives on in order to continue to produce cutting-edge scientific research, which eventually translates to outstanding clinical care across the globe. 

Become an Oncofertility Consortium Member

Global partners of the Oncofertility Consortium receive tools and guidance to set up their own consortium. The Administrative Core at Northwestern University serves global partners in an effort to build and expand their existing services and outreach. Available to global partners are all of the materials on our websites. This includes:

  • an authoritative resource for adult cancer patients and the parents of children with cancer who want to learn more about preserving their fertility before and during cancer treatment, and protecting their hormonal health after treatment. 
  • Any of the materials on the main website.
  • Branding materials are also available to all global partners.

We encourage global partners to translate these materials and disseminate them to international audiences. Global partners are also encouraged to provide our team with content and links to include on our website. Making these materials visible to other Oncofertility Consortium members fosters interaction among groups who are now able to share resources, methodologies, and other experiences in the field. Establishing a strong global network not only drives the collaborative nature of the Consortium, but also helps global partners build their own consortiums and fertility preservation networks.

We encourage interaction with our global partners and encourage all partners to attend our yearly Oncofertility Consortium Conference.

In 2014 and 2015, we had representatives from Japan, Portugal, Brazil, the Netherlands, India, Korea, Poland, Mexico, Belgium, the UK, and Canada present at the meeting. We believe that the annual conference catalyzes the field by bringing together groups that would not otherwise meet in any other venue in order to create the momentum for clinical activities (shared IRBs, shared patient case studies, inclusion of allied health professions), research (sharing results – failures and successes – in ways that hastened work) and patient needs (websites, patient decision tools, patient navigator).  By facilitating these interactions, we ensure that the global oncofertility community is up-to-date on research that can continue to be rapidly translated to the clinic.

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